Rendering & Plastering Luton

Christie Interiors is an interior design company dedicated to providing its clients with everything they need. To accomplish this, we offer a collection of specialist services. For one we are the top establishment for rendering & plastering Luton has. No matter how complicated your plans might be, we can assist you.

Visual appeal

One of the main reasons why people choose our plastering service is because we can add visual appeal to their walls. There are all kinds of styles and designs out there to suit your preferences. This can even include giving a surface a texture. In addition, it can help your walls with standing the tests of time.


People who leave their walls un-plastered should know that they won’t be as durable as plastered ones. Plastering is something we do to render solid surfaces to dry walls. Therefore, it would be best to use this service if you’re after a bit of durability.

Simpler installations

With our service, installation becomes easier as well. Anyone who has attempted to render a dry wall smoothly before will tell you how difficult it is. When working with plastered walls however, this isn’t going to be a concern. Moreover, you don’t have to put up with dust when trying to install a plastered wall.


There are many advantages with rendering too. For example, we can use it to enhance the thermal characteristics of your property. You’ll find yourself having to pay less on your heating bills with one of our professional renders in place.

Protect yourself against damp

A render can also help you fight against penetrating damp. Introducing a protective layer to your walls can stop water in its tracks. It’s most effective on older solid brick structures. Even if you reside in a contemporary house, rendering can still be a welcome addition. People who already have damp issues prior to rendering should have someone come and examine their property. They can tell you what the ideal approach is for the situation.

Everyone likes to do things differently

Something we’ve learned during our time as a company is that every client has their own goals and way of doing things. Our team can adapt to any needs, ensuring we tick all of the right boxes. While we are flexible, we never let our standards drop. This means you can expect to receive the best rendering & plastering Luton can offer.

If our services interest you, please let us know. You can call us on 07970 664444 or 07931 552639. For email, the address is