Preparing for interior plastering

Renovations and refurbishments are our speciality, something we have proved to the community many times over. People think of us as the best company for rendering & plastering Luton has. This is because we put in the maximum amount of effort to ensure that they get the results they deserve. No matter what your requirements are, we shall meet them without causing too much of a disruption.

When it comes to interior home improvements, plastering is one process you will need. After reading about it for a while, you might come to believe that the procedure is easy. In truth, it demands great preparation and practice.

The first thing to do is determine exactly where you need to plaster. This shouldn’t be too challenging; simply look around the property and see where there is wear.

Operating on an interior is vastly disimilar to that of an exterior project. Typically, an entirely different approach is necessary for you to succeed. Rendering or plastering internally does have its benefits though. One example is that you don’t need to endure the shifting weather. You also won’t have to pay up for a portable tower or scaffolding.
Preparation is important

You should relocate all your fittings, fixings, and furniture. Move them away from the section that’s to be worked on and protect everything else using dust sheets. Safeguard your floor as well. For a carpet, the ideal solution would be to lift it and roll it back. As a result, this shall prevent stains and damage.

Something you must remember here is that your goal is to dispose of the wall’s old plaster. Therefore, a disposal system will be necessary. Bins, skips, wheelbarrows, and sacks can prove useful.

At Christie Interiors, negotiation is not a problem for us, as we don’t employ our contractors directly. This way, it’s considerably easier to obtain the optimum outcome. When you need rendering & plastering Luton has no better team to call than us.

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