Preparation is essential for rewiring

Ours is a business with a record that dates back nearly three decades. During this period, we have managed to become one of the leading establishments for anything electrical Luton has to offer. Regardless of the project’s budget or size, we shall be able to provide quality results.

Rewiring is one of the most common tasks you may have to do when you refurbish your home. If you intend to be successful in your endeavours however, you must use a careful approach. Here are some rewiring tips to help you approach this project properly.

Two phases of rewiring

Rewiring is both disruptive and incredibly messy. Jobs generally occur in two phases. The first involves all of the wires and cables being positioned carefully. The second is where everything goes live.

It is important to work as carefully as possible in both phases. Removing your furniture is wise at the outset. By adopting this method, ceilings can be cut into and floorboards can be lifted. This will speed up the work and reduce the risk of anything getting damaged.

Be careful with new additions

Another point we want to stress is to avoid putting new additions in halfway through the rewiring. Apart from being time consuming, this can also cost you.

One way you can circumvent this is by sketching a blueprint of your property. Include every room and mark the locations of kitchen units, beds and so on. Afterwards, you’ll be free to think about the required number of lights and switches. With good planning you can make the project smoother and avoid additional costs.

At Christie Interiors Ltd, in order to supply customers with a comprehensive package, we operate alongside multiple specialist practices. We vet all of our electricians to certify that they are the right people for the project. Additionally, we can produce the relevant certificates if guarantees are requested.

If you have a problem with anything electrical Luton based specialists can help; simply contact us.