Plumbing Services Luton

Whenever there’s an issue with your plumbing or drains, you shouldn’t attempt to solve it yourself if you lack the training. The ideal approach would be to get in touch with professionals who can help. At Christie Interiors, we are known for providing the greatest plumbing services Luton has available. Clients always have confidence that they’re dealing with experts when we’re working for them.

Many of us have so much going on in our lives that it becomes easy to ignore the plumbing. There may not be any leaks right now. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is in order. In truth, having us come in and see to your arrangements can make things easier for you.

Voided warranties

You might not know this, but there are several appliance warranties that can be voided if you don’t use a qualified plumber during installation. There is the possibility that something could go wrong with your appliances. Should this happen, the manufacturer could deny warranty repairs. This is unless an expert installed it. Our advice would be to not take chances and use one of our people for installation jobs.

Building regulations

The plumbers we employ are also familiar with the local building regulations and how to comply with them. Not having an experienced plumber puts you at risk of failing to have your plumbing up to the correct standard. This can lead to penalties and fines. Worse still, you may have to file an insurance claim because of a flood that took place due to inadequate water pipe installation work. The insurance company can outright deny your claim since you didn’t professionally install the equipment.

As you might expect, our plumbers have the knowledge and experience necessary to attend to an array of complications. They will have no difficulty upgrading, replacing, and installing your plumbing. Not to mention, they always know what the best course of action is in a given situation.

A service that’s well worth the money

The team we have is small but it’s one that’s more than capable of getting everything done. Since we strive to keep prices down as well, clients can get real value for their money. Our labour comes with a 12-month guarantee and we keep everyone up to date on our projects. As a result we offer the top plumbing services Luton residents can ask for.

You can contact us either by phone or via email. Our regular number is 07970 664444 and for mobile it’s 07931 552639. The email address is