Making your home appear brighter

Your home is an important space which is why you should put in the work to make sure that it is everything you want it to be. We are here to help people who are looking to make their house even more spacious and beautiful. This is through premier architectural services Luton can depend on.

Not something to overlook

Architectural services LutonLight is vital for helping you open up your space so that it looks cleaner and bigger than it actually is. Unfortunately, many people fail to do this despite the positive effects it can have, including on your health and wellbeing.

There have been many pieces of research which demonstrate how light affects us, with one example being our mood. People can experience a lack of motivation and depression when daylight hours drop. It makes more sense to make the most of daylight, especially in your living space.

Natural, not artificial

A lack of access to natural light in your home can make you heavily reliant on electrical alternatives but this is not ideal. There are studies which show how artificial light negatively affects how the body produces melatonin. This is a hormone which is crucial for healthy sleep patterns. In addition to this, artificial light can cause headaches and harm your vision.

Boosting light

There are various methods you can try to increase how much light enters your space. For example, try making sure that any window dressings don’t obstruct how much light enters the space. You should also make sure that there isn’t any tall furniture blocking light sources.

You can incorporate mirrors into your space to make it look bigger and help bounce the light around. Another method is to decorate with a light and soft colour scheme such as pale blues and marl grey. This can help diffuse natural light and create the right atmosphere for your space.

Filling your home with natural light will allow you to lower your energy usage. This is as well as showing your home in its best light, literally.

If you dream of making your home look better and brighter, Christie Interiors can help make this a reality. Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss the architectural services Luton loves in more detail. This can include introducing more windows and other solutions for lighting.