Make the most of what you have and leave nothing out

You may initially like a house’s design when you first move in, but tastes evolve. Using our renovation and refurbishment skills, we have been able to create some of the most fashionable and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms Luton has ever seen. If you feel that some changes are in order, our team are the people you will want to speak with.

If the kitchen is where you are concentrating your efforts, it would be wise to place function above all else. In truth, there is no universal kitchen layout. Whether it is a L or U shape, or a gallery style, plan for the counter-top, fridge, and sink to forge a triangle. At most, there should be no more than 6 feet between the three. This will allow you to move around easier once everything is finished.

Another smart suggestion would be to leave enough space for storage purposes. Neglecting to do this is one of the worst and most common errors made during the planning phase. Utilise everything that’s at your disposal. As opposed to leaving a gap on top that accumulates dust, position overhead cabinets that reach your ceiling. Anyone who is concerned about accessing their pots and pans should look into deep drawers.

See to it that there are enough power outlets for your electronics too. Do this well in advance so you don;t forget to install the proper electric and gas lines. This will save you money and protect the finish. To avoid cramming things in, perform some measurements to check whether your appliances shall fit properly.

At Christie Interiors Ltd, we might employ a small team, but they have come up with some gigantic outcomes. To ensure that all of our trade workers can operate to the accepted standard, we examine their credentials before the project begins.

If you are investing in your property call on us to create the best kitchens and bathrooms Luton has to offer. You can find out more about working with us on our website or contact us directly.