Kitchens and Bathrooms Luton

Christie Interiors is a specialist company that works mainly in renovation and refurbishment. When they need new designs for their kitchens and bathrooms Luton residents come to us. We can help them to build on existing ideas and come up with entirely new ones they might not have thought of. All of our staff members are fully qualified and are dedicated to meeting every client’s unique specifications.

The kitchen

Getting your kitchen’s interior design correct is as essential as creating a decent layout. Because we are experienced designers, we can approach the design of this space in several ways.

As we would with your living room, we base the selection of your kitchen cabinet colour on how it will influence the atmosphere. This is primarily down to the level of natural light your room gets. Where your kitchen sits is important too. Selecting the right colour isn’t simply about light however. If you decide to go with a grainy wood finish for example, your units would bring interest and texture to a spot that had no features.

Colour is not the only crucial element here. We also stress how vital it is to choose the ideal kitchen worktop. The kitchen you desire may be a high gloss, modern one. If so, there’s a great opportunity here to use warm textures like wood. For kitchens with period detailing, marble worktops work well.


Just like the kitchen, you need to get your bathroom design right. If you have tile at the moment, a good idea could be to move to panels. The latter is a sleek, contemporary alternative to the former. They do cost more upfront, but the long-term savings make up for this.

You may want to consider turning your shower into a wet room too. They can produce a harmonised, elegant hotel aesthetic. For additional impact, you can introduce a steam room style corner seat or bench to make everything feel more relaxing. Such a set up will certainly feel like a genuine luxury, particularly if you don’t possess a bath.

Allow us to help you

Our team operates according to the preferences of the client. There are those who like to visit us on a weekly basis to see how everything is progressing. Others opt to email us once every month for updates on the project. Whatever the case, we always keep them up to date. Our focus the whole time is to offer the very best kitchens and bathrooms Luton can provide.

We don’t employ the contractors we work with directly. As a result we have the chance to negotiate on terms in a competitive way. In the end, we’ll be able to gain the best possible results.

Those who wish to get in touch can do so by emailing You can also call us using the numbers 07970 664444 or 07931 552639.