Interior Design Luton

At Christie Interiors we want to assist our customers in any way we can. As one of the top businesses specialising in interior design Luton has, this is something we are very capable of. In order to provide our comprehensive and professional service, we operate alongside a collection of specialists.

Being experienced interior designers, we know that making a difference in the property is easy. For example, having extra windows makes your space feel more open. However, additions like this don’t give us the splendour that most people crave. They’re certainly refreshing but not overly stylish. If you want us to, we can help you go further by suggesting ideas that will leave a huge impact.

Try to get creative

If you want us to, we can take your wallpaper and use it in places you wouldn’t expect. Many of us use wallpaper on all of our walls. Yet, this look can appear somewhat dated. What we suggest instead is being playful and clever with it. Wallpaper inside cupboards and beneath stair-steps adds chicness, colour, and a statement to the home instantly.

Some clients might want to add a bit of instant light to their living spaces. With decorative mirrors, this is definitely obtainable. For huge rooms or those with only a minute amount of natural light, mirrors positioned right across from your windows shall add lots of light. Another way you can use these mirrors is by putting them in empty spaces as substitutes for art pieces.

We like to draw attention towards the hallway as well. In terms of design, you should never overlook this element. There is far more to it than simply being a transitional space. This is where guests form their initial impressions of your property. The hallway is also what welcomes you home once the day is done. In our opinion, there’s always plenty of potential for design here.

A small team that gets the job done

Ours is a small team but it’s one we’ve carefully selected. They work across all trades and are experts at keeping costs down. As a result clients get outstanding value for their money when working with us.

We don’t employ each of our contractors directly, meaning we can negotiate as far as we possibly can in a competitive way on terms. We make sure that every trade worker has the proper qualifications and can give you the guarantees you seek. If you want the best for interior design Luton can offer, work with us.

To contact us by phone, you can use the number 07970 664444. For mobile, it’s 07931 552639. Alternatively, you can send an email to