Expect these interior design trends during 2018

With it now being 2018, people are considering the New Year as an ample opportunity to make many changes; including updating their interior design. Many didn’t expect some of the trends of last year to take off, such as the geometric or terracotta style. However, it’s safe to say we can expect a lot more of the unexpected this year. Here we have collated numerous pieces of research for you to analyse, so you too can be prepared for this year. As the best team for interior design Luton has to offer, we always keep an eye on trends.

By observing last year’s interior trends, designers have predicted a year of different textures; particularly with a focus on velvet and leather. For velvet options these will be most seen on furniture, making it perfect for comfortable surroundings. Leather will be most featured in bedrooms on headboards, for example.

People online have always shown an undying love for spa style bathrooms. However, the chic hotel style bathroom is particularly on the rise this year. Many property owners will be aiming to achieve features such as Jacuzzi baths, one colour tiles, natural tones, and minimal furniture.

The Milliennials have helped reintroduce many vintage styles in recent years; however this year the 70s era is back with the return of Terrazzo. These colourful floor tiles have made a remarkable start to the year, surprising many who thought it would never happen. So be prepared for numerous affordable options for this interior design feature in the coming year.

Similarly to the making-a-statement style of the 70s era, people are focusing on ensuring their ceilings stand out. It is assumed most want to change spaces completely, and are doing so from the top down; keeping the walls a block colour with ceilings styled with engaging wallpapers, tiling or paint to create a focal point for the room.

Other notable trends expected this year range from dark woods to industrial metallic shades to neutral earthy tones. If you would like to keep up with the latest trends, consider contacting Christie Interiors Ltd today. We are proud to be one of the most passionate teams for interior design Luton has. We would be pleased to help achieve any style you want for your home.