Embracing dark colours for your interior

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A lot of people will tell you to stick to white or neural colours for decorating. While this can create a beautiful space, it is not always suitable and is definitely not your only option. You might want to consider using dark, rich tones in your design scheme. When done successfully, you can create a fantastic and bold look.

Dark but dramatic

You might think that the best thing for your dark small room is to paint it white but this can create a depressing look. You may want to take the opposite approach by embracing the lack of light with strong, dark colours.

The use of deep shades can result in a cosy, cocooning, luxury feel. It can provide an element of glamour and intrigue in whichever room you choose. You can also show off your cherished accessories better with a rich backdrop.

Easy to use

Interior design LutonIt isn’t as hard to use dark tones as you might think. That being said, there are some things you might want to consider.

A cheap but quick and effective way to transform your space is with some paint. This isn’t only for walls as you can use it on wood panelling, floorboards, or woodwork details.

You can create an accent wall with paint or wallpaper that has a rich pattern and texture. Choose one or two walls to transform your space.

You can start out by experimenting with smaller touches like soft furnishings and accessories. Try using lampshades, throws, and cushions. You can move on to things like curtains and blinds, sofas and armchairs, or an upholstered headboard when you are more confident.

Make a big impact in your bathroom by adding some paint to the outside of a claw foot tub. Alternatively, add a rich tone to the walls next to classic white suites.

A wide palette

Your palette isn’t limited to black or dark grey. There are plenty of other colours such as rich reds, midnight blues, opulent purples, teal green, and more.

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