Determine your bathroom priorities and remember the ventilation

Christie Interiors is a family run business with over 25 years of experience in the building industry. We are the number one force specialising in kitchens and bathrooms Luton has. The focus here is always on the quality of the service as well as the finish. You can expect nothing less than first class results from us.

kitchens and bathrooms LutonThis wasn’t always the case, but the bathroom is now the most important room in your home after the kitchen in terms of resale value. Everyone wants to make the most of their downtime. Because of this, the bathroom is essential. It is also not driven by solely practical needs anymore. Most people renovate the space with pampering and relaxation in mind. To get the best results, you have to plan carefully from the start.


Start by figuring out what your main priorities are. A spa style sanctuary or family bathroom shall demand an extensive list of fitting and specifications. The list could include storage, double basins, a separate shower, and a bath. For guest or en-suite facilities, you might only require a toilet and shower.

You can’t forget about ventilation

Remember that ventilation is vital as well. One thing we often find is that people have a habit of overlooking this. Sadly in most cases they end up regretting it later. Good ventilation is especially critical in those bathrooms that have wooden furniture. Condensation damages the wood, causing it to wear and rot.

An open window by itself isn’t sufficient to ventilate a modern bathroom. Usually you need an extractor fan and other things to pull moisture from the air.

You will also need good ventilation if the bathroom is close to a bedroom. One of the last things you want is to have steam flowing in there. It will lead to mould or damage items.

A great service

At Christie Interiors, we do everything in our power to supply a professional and comprehensive service. Part of this involves us working alongside other specialists. We can fit seamlessly into any team, including working with architects.

Apart from preserving a quality service, another goal of ours is to keep prices down. This way, people can create the best kitchens and bathrooms Luton has to offer without a huge outlay.

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