Comprehending direct and indirect cold water systems

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A house’s hot and cold water supply networks will be concealed for the most part. For example, your pipes shall generally remain underneath the floors and behind your walls. However, by understanding your systems and their locations, maintenance work becomes appreciably easier.

What kinds of systems are available?

A certain number of homes possess a direct cold water system. Here, branch pipes advance from the ascending main. They feed the WC cisterns and cold taps at high pressure. This main typically proceeds up to the roof to a storage cistern. Normally, it also supplies water to a hot water cylinder at gravity pressure.

One noteworthy advantage of this set up is that you’ll be able to obtain drinking water from every cold tap. Additionally, there will be fewer pipes around the roof for you to be concerned about.

The majority of other properties have what’s known as an indirect cold water supply. A branch streams from the mounting main after your primary stop valve to the kitchen sink’s cold tap. At this point, it’s possible for different branches to come off here. They would supply water to the likes of garden taps, dishwashers, and washing machines.

One of the central benefits of the arrangement is that there’s less wear and tear. This is because the gravity supply has shallow pressure.

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