CAD Design Services Luton

Welcome to Christie Interiors. As a specialist interior design company, we want nothing but the best for our clients. With 25 years of experience in the building industry, we can accomplish a lot for our clients. If you want the finest CAD design services Luton has, we can give them to you. Those who have never used the technology before are in for a treat if they choose to work with us.

These days, CAD software is being utilised on a huge scale for a myriad of reasons. Designing and drafting is the most common application and it’s what we primarily use it for.

Visualisation made easy

With this software, our designers have an easier time visualising the final product. They can also look at the various components and subassemblies. Moreover, we can use animation to see how a space would function. If necessary, we can make changes to the design using this info.

CAD software aids our team members in documenting, analysing, and synthesising the design. With all these factors, we can enhance the designer’s productivity, which translates into lower design costs as well as short project completion times.

Higher quality results

We can use the software to amplify the design’s quality as well. With CAD our people have a number of tools at their disposal. These can help them with performing engineering analyses of the designs. In addition, the software is more accurate. Because of this, the amount of errors present in the final product will be lower. The result is a higher quality design.

CAD comes in handy when generating documentation of the designing too. This is one of the most crucial stages of the process and the software makes it easier. This documentation includes the bill of materials, material specifications for the components, the product’s dimensions and geometries, and more.

We use only the best workers

To complete our projects, we use a team of specialists from various trades. We select each member with care and ensure they have the right skills for the job.

Over the years, we have formed many long-term relationships with our clients. They keep coming back because they love the quality of our work. Some are so happy that they refer us to their friends and family, giving us even more business. Whether it is a simple or complex project we offer the most reliable CAD design services Luton clients can ask for.

If you are interested in working with us, you can call our company using the number 07970 664444. We have a mobile number too, which is 07931 552639. For email, it’s