Be mindful of your decor in rented accommodation

If you live in a rental property you must be aware that not all landlords are lenient regarding decorating. There could be all kinds of rules in place you need to abide by. If you do want to make changes make sure you choose a company that provides the best decoration Luton has to offer. We fit the bill perfectly and produce outstanding results.

Before rushing into decorating, first and foremost you should ask for your landlord’s permission to decorate. Going about it this way should keep them happy, especially as its free upkeep for them. One thing to remember is to make sure you clearly state your ideas. This way, your landlord will feel they can trust you more for future decorating projects.

Think about how easily you can change the decor back

However happy they say they are with your decor, keep in mind you will likely have to change it back when moving property. Therefore it is generally wise to choose decorations that will be easy to undo. In some cases though the landlord will be happy with the changes and you won’t need to do anything.

Furthermore, to keep your landlord extremely content and satisfied with your decoration, ensure damage is minimised. Any potential damage to the property from your decorations could produce a bill, for example some wallpapers require a re-plastering job after being removed. So be mindful with your decoration.

Lastly, making sure you are creative with your interior design whilst being aware of your limitations will support in keeping your landlord happy. Make choices that enhance the space, including your choice of colours and texture.

If creativity is your limitation, there are thankfully many professionals available to help; namely Christie Interiors Ltd. We specialise in interior design and decoration Luton, operating in the area for many years. Rest assured if you require our expertise, we have enough experience to show.

If you require our services, please contact us today.