Architectural Services Luton

The team we have here at Christie Interiors is one that works according to the client’s preferences. As a result we have built a really strong reputation as the top team for architectural services Luton has.

We appreciate that every client is unique in terms of their needs and approach to a project. For example there are some who like to email us on a monthly basis to see how things are progressing. Others prefer to get in touch more frequently and actually come to visit the site. No matter the circumstances, we always put in the maximum amount of effort when participating in a project.

Start by planning

The first step of any project is to plan. We will meet up with you and take part in discussions regarding the work. During this initial meeting, you’ll be free to convey your ideas. You can share your vision, requirements, and goals. We will be there to advise you on all the potential opportunities and possibilities. At the same time, we will help you to avoid possible obstacles.

We shall assist you with choosing the correct budgets and contractors for your project. In addition, we’ll inform you of all the legal guidelines you will have to adhere to. Once everyone is happy, we can move onto the design phase. With the in-depth designs we produce, the builders will have all the information they need when it comes to building the structure proper.

Planning permission

Of course, we won’t be able to build anything if we lack planning permission. The construction will have an impact on the local environment. However, it cannot be too severe. Furthermore, the structural details of your design must be sound. If we don’t meet the necessary criteria here, then we won’t gain permission to build.

To make sure things go smoothly, we shall guide you through the entire process. Our team will be there advising you on how to put your proposals forward and checking to see if the plans are in order. When we have approval, we can progress with the main construction work.

Contact us

Our family run business has spent more than 25 years working in the building industry. The focus our team has is on quality and service. Thanks to the assistance of our talented employees, we can supply you with a complete service. In other words, we shall be there with you from beginning to end offering the best architectural services Luton can offer.

If you wish to speak with us, you can send an email to You can call us as well on 07970 664444. Our mobile number is 07931 552639.